Switching from Console to PC Gaming

3 Tips for Switching from Console to PC Gaming


If you’re a video gamer, you know about the so-called PC master race. Even if consoles such as the PS4 and the Xbox One host a wide variety of fun and high-quality games, the PC platform has a lot more to offer.

For one, there’s a good PC no matter your budget. Components are going down in price as better ones are introduced each year. Plus, video games on PCs have better resolutions if you can afford the graphics processors. To help you make the transition from console to PC, here are a few tips to remember:

1) Laptop or Desktop

PC gamers can enjoy playing at home or wherever they go with a laptop. Sleek ultrabooks are powerful enough for small-sized and old games. But high-end gaming laptops such as those from Alienware and ASUS cost quite a bit.

If you want to enjoy 1080 or even 4K resolution gaming, having a desktop is a relatively cheaper option. Most PC gamers will recommend building a gaming rig, but there’s no harm in buying a pre-built gaming PC for now.

2) Don’t Throw Aware Your Game Controllers

Switching to PC doesn’t mean disregarding your console altogether. One of the best things about the PC platform is how it can sync controllers as well. While most PC gamers prefer the keyboard, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to your old controller to play FPS games.

3) Protect Your Personal Information

Whether you’re playing on Steam or Origin, you must always protect your account. Don’t share your username and password to anyone else. Likewise, be careful when you’re buying games online. Some websites don’t have encryption and other security features.

Use a virtual private network (VPN) to ensure that online communication and transactions are encrypted. Plus, a VPN will allow you to play with people in region-blocked servers. If your Windows 10 VPN disconnects, contact the VPN service provider or check online forums for answers — the PC community is always there to help.

Once you’ve got your own gaming PC, it won’t take long before you get used to the mouse and keyboard. You also get to try real-time strategy games that are mostly only on the platform. Overall, the switch will surely be worth it.