Slipstream Gaming Launched!
5.10.06 – Avalon
After weeks of testing and tweaking we are now ready to launch the MechCommander 2 League. Other games may be added in the future but for now we are concentrating on MC2. Please excuse the current design as that will be changed in the near future.

New MC2 Torrent Available
5.10.06 – Avalon
A new version of the MC2 ISO is now available. This version includes various add-ons and should correct any issues with the set up.

Downloads now available on BitTorrent
12.09.06 – Avalon
As mentioned previously, due to the high demand we have now launched torrents for all three games. Please check out the Download page for more details.

MC2 Torrent Available
06.09.06 – Ryster
Due to popular demand, and after much research, we have launched our first torrent. MechCommander 2 is now available on BitTorrent. We would appreciate it if several of you would seed this file for us as we will not be seeding it forever. The torrent file is available from the MC2 download page.

The regular MC2 FTP download will remain available until tomorrow night to allow us to monitor the torrent for stability. After this time, MC2 will be available in torrent form only. Until then, it would be appreciated if you would use the torrent where possible to save on server bandwidth.

MechCommander Gold will be made available in torrent form later on this week, perhaps even tomorrow night, followed soon after by the original MechCommander game.

Downloads Limited
04.09.06 – Ryster
Due to the server being hammered (the 100mbps network card at 100% usage constantly), we have had to migrate the downloads over to FTP and impose a 20 concurrent session limit. This will speed up downloads once you manage to get a slot.

If you get an error, please keep trying and you will eventually get a slot. Please note that IE hides the real error from you and just shows “Page cannot be displayed”. If you use Firefox, you will see the real error which is “Sorry, too many users – please try again later.”.

Site Launched
22.04.06 – Ryster
On the 22nd of April 2006, the site, as well as the revival of MechCommander and MechCommander Gold, was launched. Information on the game, as well as discussion forums have been added. Downloads will follow soon.