MechCommander Gold

To download, install and play MechCommander Gold, please follow the simple step by step instructions below. Contact a member of staff from the Help page if you need assistance.

1. Download Virtual Clone Drive

This software emulates a CD/DVD-Rom drive and will allow you to use the MechCommander ISO file we offer below. Install this software and follow the instructions below. Virtual Clone Drive is spyware and malware free and is very simple to use.
Virtual Clone Drive software by SlySoft

2. Download MCG ISO Below

This is the CD image of the MechCommander Gold CD compressed in a RAR file. RAR files are similar to ZIP files but you need WinRAR to extract them. This file is available via BitTorrent only. If you are not familiar with torrents, please feel free ask in the helpdesk section of our forums.

Download using BitTorrent
Size: 569,063,198 bytes
MD5: 8fa52570f7373e36bffda67ef4189146

NOTICE: MCG is now available by torrent only. Please help us to help you by seeding this file.

3. Extract the ISO from the RAR file

If you already have WinRAR, you can just double click on the RAR file, and drag the ISO file within to your desktop or other location on your hard drive. If you do not have WinRAR, you will need to download it from HERE and install it.

4. Mounting The ISO

Mounting the ISO into your new Virtual Clone Drive couldn’t be easier.
Right click on Virtual Clone Drive in My Computer
Choose the Virtual Clone Drive option from menu
Select Mount
Select the MCG.iso file you downloaded above

5. Installing The Game

Once mounted, the MechCommander Gold Autorun should launch and you should click on the install button. If not, you should browse to the Virtual Clone Drive, and run the autorun.exe file. Follow through the installation making sure all parts are installed. You may choose not to install the mission editor if you so wish.

Enjoy The Game!