Our goal is a simple one. To promote the MechCommander series of games and help bring in new talent to the respective communities.

Anyone can download the game, follow the handy tutorials and join in on the fun. We understand that it can be a drag to be the “new guy”, that’s why we have appointed specially selected Admins to help get any new player or clan up to speed.

But wait, by now you’re thinking to yourself “okay, it sounds interesting, but why bother with such an old game?” The simple answer to that is playability. For the same reasons people like classic console games like Counter Strike, Mech Commander makes you keep coming back for more.

Originally released in 1998 by Fasa Studios, MechCommander was at the very cutting edge of Real Time Strategy (RTS) games. Combining elements of the Battletech universe with solid multiplayer game play, it gained a huge following amongst both RTS and Battletech fans alike and still has a loyal following today.

MechCommander Gold
The sequel to the much-loved original gave gamers new mech chassis, weapons, vehicles and both a new single player campaign and new multiplayer maps. The game also came with a map editor so you could make custom maps or modify existing ones.